Xperienced TV to attend EGX 2015

Back Once Again For The Ill Conventions...

The last time Xperienced TV covered a games event was way back in 2005 at the ATEI exhibition. We did also cover Game Stars Live in 2004, but that footage was forever lost in the great hard drive failure of '08.

This time we are not just attending for one day and cramming everything in. We shall be attending all 4 days at the Birmingham NEC and getting hands on with all the latest games, talking to some of the developers and exhibitors, as well as mingling with the public and getting some reactions and comments from those in attendance.

Planned Segments

Major Interviews
We try to talk to some of the people behind the major games on show at EGX 2015. In these segments, we focus on the game itself, the mechanics, the originality, the franchises and a short review/preview of the title itself.

Flash Interviews
We're planning on asking almost every indie developer there about their games. In order to get everyone in, we have devised a micro-interview strategy which should be challenging and fun for the devs as well as create a nice short feature for the show.

Cosplay Convergence
This segment focusses on the cosplayers of the show. We aim to find some of the best cosplayers at the exhibition to let them talk about their motivation and how their character feels about what they've seen.

Dis Or Dat
We blitz through 20 questions with exhibition atendees by asking them to choose one of two options. Star Trek or Star Wars? PlayStation or XBox? Mario or Wario? Skinned alive or burned alive?... Wait... What?...